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Experts in innovative bioresonance and naturopathy!

At Biregs, we are committed to the harmony of body and mind through natural methods and advanced bioresonance technology. Improve your wellbeing with specially formulated supplements and bioresonance systems that redefine your level of health.

Our products

From advanced bioresonance systems to mobile light regulation units, our products combine cutting-edge technology with user-friendly design to help you and your pets achieve well-being and harmony. Discover how our innovative light regulation with bioresonance frequencies is specifically used to support the body's natural balance and promote health at a cellular level
Bioresonanz BEAT Source

Beat Source

The B.E.A.T. Source System, a new milestone in alternative medicine, offers rapid bioimpedance measurement, versatile energetic applications and user-friendly software for analyzing and regulating physical and mental states.

Biomonitor Bioresonanz


The Biomonitor is an innovative measuring system that analyzes the state of electromagnetic fields in humans and animals in order to draw conclusions about their physical and mental state.

Lichttherapie gerät BEAT light rent

Beat Light

The B.E.A.T. Light Rent offers mobile, user-friendly light regulation with individual intensity settings and language selection. Ideal for healing processes in humans and horses, it stimulates the body's own healing powers through frequency modulation.

Protofield Magnetfeldtherapie Bioresonanz


Protofield from BIREGS is an innovative wellness device that uses an oscillating signal field to promote physical well-being, with optimized frequencies, adjustable intensity and mobile application for everyday use.


Das Original TTM Traditionelle Thailändisch Medizin

“Strengthen your well-being with the power of Traditional Thai Medicine – naturally grown, scientifically proven. Discover TTM: where ancient healing knowledge meets modern research.”

Das Original TTM Traditionelle Thailändische Medizin

About Biregs

Discover Biregs GmbH&Co KG: Your expert in energy medicine and bioenergetics. We have been specialists in bioresonance and light regulation for 20 years, offering comprehensive know-how and customer-oriented solutions in a dynamic market. Our collaboration with scientists guarantees innovation and quality. We stand for transparent, practicable wellness products and close customer contact, which also extends to the veterinary sector. Enter the world of advanced wellness product technologies with Biregs GmbH&Co.KG.

“In my veterinary practice, accurate analysis and effective follow-up are essential. The BeatSource system allows us a deeper insight into the non-verbal communicable conditions of our patients and supports regulatory work. Beat Light Rent allows pet owners to actively participate in aftercare, which enhances the impact of our interventions and contributes to recovery. These innovative approaches significantly improve the quality of life of our animal patients.”
Tierärztin Bioresonanz
Simone Röhl, Veterinarian
“In my naturopathic practice, we attach great importance to careful diagnosis and effective follow-up care. By using the BeatSource system, we gain valuable insights into the subtle, non-verbal signals of our patients, which significantly supports our work in regulatory diagnostics. With Beat Light Rent, we offer patients and their families the opportunity to play an active role in the healing process. This not only increases the effectiveness of our treatments, but also makes a significant contribution to recovery. Such advanced methods are essential to sustainably improve the quality of life of our patients and pave a holistic path to health
Bioresonanz Therapeutin
Steffi, Naturopath
“I would like to give my unreserved recommendation for the BeatSource system, an innovative tool that provides crucial insights into the non-verbal communication of our patients in our practice. Its precision in analysis and support in follow-up care have significantly improved treatment success. The system is not only a milestone in diagnostics, but also an indispensable instrument for effective regulation. In short, BeatSource has proven to be indispensable in sustainably improving the quality of life of our patients.”
Dr. med Franz Senekowitscho.H.
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