The company

Biregs: Biological Regulation Systems

For more than twenty years the company Biregs has extensive experience and market knowledge, initially in sales, supervising of quality management for medical devices and in-house development for wellness devices for the complementary medicine market.

The company’s products in the core area of bio-resonance and light therapy stand for many years of international experience in the young and growing market of energy medicine and bioenergetics.
In this very dynamic market segment Biregs offers not only the necessary assistance and customer-friendly orientation, also transparency of production and distribution channels, as well as verifiable, user-friendly and reliable know-how, which is built on a solid foundation.
The close cooperation with renowned scientists worldwide guarantees a constant development of the company as well as regular new input for our customers. The hunger for knowledge and the decision to use new technologies in complementary medicine are major aspects of our corporate philosophy.

The distribution system is based on a close-knit communication and dialogue system between production and final consumers, the company and its customers benefit equally. The Firm provides legal certainty, stability and maximum practicality in the complex, patient-oriented therapeutic everyday use, whether in the doctor’s or practitioner’s office or in the private spa.

The focus of the customer contact is competent care, comprehensive consulting, training, and structured follow-up care to develop technical updates in time to pass. Therefore the customer and Biregs remain closely on the pulse of the market. In addition, the company’s products are increasingly being used in the veterinary field.

Be part of something new and join us on the journey into new medical dimensions!

Competent Contact company

The Focus of our cooperation with you is competent care and customer-friendly advice. This includes structured Training, developing technical updates.

What will the future bring

With the ever growing acceptance of alternative Medicine inevitably the Group of People who deal with alternative Medicine will increase. Now that we have more studies being published in the field of light therapy, it reveals itself more and more as a convergence of conventional Medicine with alternative medicin to form holistic Medicine. By increasing efficiency of the components in the technical field we manufacture our desires closer and can therefore increase powerful systems to offer our customers.
If you have further questions about our company or our products, we very much are at your service !