B.E.A.T. Light Rent

Experience the mobile extension in its new design of B.E.A.T. Light Rent with innovative applications!

  • User-friendly display
  • Improved components for increased efficiency
  • Individual adjustment of intensity
  • Set up for many different languages
  • Attractive design and convenient carrying case in addition

Especially for patients with regular, or even chronic pain, B.E.A.T. Light Rent is comforting to know that even outside doctors consultation hours they are well looked after. Completely in the sense of the holistic approach, this is an option to stimulate the body’s own healing powers at any time and any location.

With B.E.A.T. Light Rent, your patient care extends into the living room. It enables continuation of treatment outside of your consulation hours.

B.E.A.T. Light Rent combines a doctor’s indication with the patient’s desire for self-organization of the treatment intervals. This way, a professional proton resonance regulation is brought in line with the personal demands of patients to heal in their home environment.

New innovations for end users!

The Further and individual treatment of patients outside the doctor’s office is the beneficial focus of BEAT Light Rent. If you are an end user and interested in the device, you can have now the portable and practical B.E.A.T. Light Rent with pre-established frequencies for your treatment at home.

The conventional medicine is still not accepting the statements. All information in this web site comes from the experience of medicine.

Horse owner Beware!

The B.E.A.T. Light Rent now also allows further care directly from the stable! As one knows it from the equitation, applies also here: Only with consequence to the success! By regular use, you can gently stimulate the healing powers of your horse. Especially with problems, according to studies on light therapy, this technique can be used as a supporting system for open wounds, strains, ligaments, inflammation, bile and sensitivity in the back. Experience a wellness system that is reliable for you and your horse.
The conventional medicine does not recognize the statements made yet. All information in this website comes from the experience medicine.

Functional principle