B.E.A.T. Source

General Information

Finally the time has come, the new B.E.A.T. Source system is on the market and sets a modern milestone in alternative medicine. The new Bioimpedance measuring system convinces with a fast way of work in analyzing, diverse, energetic applications as well as a modern and user friendly operating software.

Matter is energy – energy is frequency! We often take advantage of the fact that frequencies are transmitters of information and even use it in everyday situations like talking on the phone for example. Observations have accumulated a wealth of experience in alternative medicine that leads to certain theories and ways of looking at frequencies. These observations and theories are not recognized by scientific medicine, but they state that our cells have individual frequencies, where a healthy organ produces harmonic and a diseased organ on the other side disharmonic oscillations.

The aim of the B.E.A.T. Source system is to make it possible to measure and classify the electromagnetic field of the human or animal. The biological Information found is to be modulated back to the patient with a pulsating magnetic field. The option of a generated application suggestion, which can be used as an individual application plan is just one of many features of this system. Look forward to new technologies and approaches in alternative medicine.

Field of application

The new B.E.A.T. Source system is based on the principle of biofeedback, which is not recognized by conventional medicine and is suitable for energetic diagnosis and application.

The system consists of a digital archive containing various frequency spectrums, e.g. of organs, homeopathic nosodes and remedies, etc., and a magnet generator which generates a magnetic field similar to the earth magnetic field. The special software enables activation of the frequency spectrums in the archive. These activated frequency spectra are transmitted through the magnetic field to humans or animals and unfold their effect there.

The discovery of intolerances, organ weaknesses, toxins, inflammatory processes or other alterations that may be pathogenic causes are among the supporting areas of the B.E.A.T. Source System. The B.E.A.T. Source system provides the basis for an individualized application plan that aims to include all appropriate conventional, homeopathic and alternative areas. Bringing the living system back to its healthy state is the goal-oriented approach of the B.E.A.T. Source system.


The B.E.A.T. Source system attempts to find various approaches in the information medicine. Essentially, the system creates a representation of the global response/regeneration capability and whereas the homeoresonance test gets detailed consideration of different systems, e.g. the meridians, the chakras and various organs.
The application possibilities of the B.E.A.T. Source system are flexible and can be used systematically in different areas, depending on the level of knowledge of the user. In particular in the areas of stress, insomnia and depression, positive experiences have been gained and can motivate future users to further creative and professional assignments in their area of expertise. With the B.E.A.T. Source System you work with a tool for holistic prevention as well as to help in already existing disorders of different genesis.

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