B.E.A.T. Light Rent

          your mobile wellness solution

  • Mobile wellness solution: Easy to use, ideal for at home or when travelling.
  • Improved effectiveness: User-friendly display and improved components.
  • Customisation: Intensity and language settings for personalised use.
  • Versatile application: Supports the body’s own healing powers, effective for various complaints.
  • For humans and animals: Also suitable for further care of horses in the stable.
  • Innovative process: Combines red and infrared light with special frequencies for optimum results.




The B.E.A.T. Light Rent is an innovative light regulation system specifically designed to improve health and well-being through the use of light. Here are some of the key features and benefits that the B.E.A.T. Light Rent offers:

  • Combination of red and infrared light: these specific wavelengths of light are known to penetrate deep into the skin and stimulate cells, particularly the mitochondria (the cell’s powerhouses). This helps to increase energy production at a cellular level.


  • Modulation with bioresonance frequencies: By combining light regulation with bioresonance frequencies, the B.E.A.T. Light Rent creates optimal conditions for cellular energy supply. Bioresonance frequencies are specific frequencies that aim to support and optimize the natural vibrations of the body’s cells.


  • Promotion of self-healing powers: The device is designed to support the body’s own self-healing processes. By improving cell function and energy, the body can react more effectively to injuries and accelerate the healing process.


  • Supporting the flow of energy: By improving cellular energy and activating the body’s self-healing powers, B.E.A.T. Light Rent helps to optimize the overall flow of energy in the body. This can lead to improved general well-being.


  • A variety of programs for different needs: The device offers various programs tailored to specific needs and conditions, making it a versatile tool for health promotion.


  • Easy to use with no side effects: The B.E.A.T. Light Rent is designed for use both in professional practices and at home. Its application is simple and free of side effects, making it an accessible option for a wide user base.


  • Use also in veterinary medicine: The device shows impressive results not only in humans, but also in the field of veterinary medicine, which underlines its effectiveness and versatility.


  • For animals: Especially for horse owners, the B.E.A.T. Light Rent offers a revolutionary way to support the healing and well-being of their animal directly in the stable. Regular use can help with a variety of problems such as open wounds, strains and inflammation and promotes the health and performance of the animal.


Note: Please note that conventional medicine does not currently recognize the claims made about the effects of B.E.A.T. Light Rent. All information is based on empirical medicine.

In summary, B.E.A.T. Light Rent offers an advanced way to promote health through light regulation by increasing cellular energy, supporting self-healing and improving energy flow in the body.


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