BRASSICAPHAN chewable tablets

  • Natural active ingredients: Relies on the power of sulforaphane from cruciferous plants.
  • Precise dosage: The innovative chewable tablet form enables precise absorption of the active ingredients.
  • Easy to use: 3 to 6 chewable tablets daily for uncomplicated integration into everyday life.
  • Safe and effective: Free from synthetic additives, based on short-chain cellulose.
  • Contents 120 chewable tablets




BRASSICAPHAN: Revolutionary dietary supplement

Unique mechanism of action through chewing

BRASSICAPHAN utilises the natural power of sulforaphane, an active ingredient that is traditionally absorbed through the consumption of cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli. By taking the innovative approach of providing sulforaphane in chewable tablet form, this valuable ingredient is released through the chewing process, allowing for precise dosing and maximising its bioavailability.

Why sulforaphane?

Sulforaphane, a naturally occurring mustard oil, has shown impressive results in scientific studies in the fight against oncological diseases. It activates the body’s own antioxidant and anti-inflammatory processes and thus supports the body on a cellular level. BRASSICAPHAN capitalises on these properties by providing a stable and effective form of sulforaphane that is otherwise difficult to dose and obtain.

High quality and natural ingredients

BRASSICAPHAN uses short-chain cellulose as a carrier material, which is not only a healthy dietary fibre for the intestines, but is also free from synthetic additives. This natural basis guarantees safe use and at the same time promotes general digestive health.

Dosage for optimal results

The recommended daily dose of 3 to 6 chewable tablets allows for flexible customisation to individual needs and therapeutic goals, without compromising ease of use or convenience.


All TTM natural products originate from the natural growing areas of the plants. They are therefore not cultivated or come from farms, but are naturally grown plants without the use of fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides. The collectors are trained by pharmacists in state institutions, usually in universities or hospitals. The entire production process of the phytoproducts is supervised by academically trained specialists. The plants are processed in recognised GMP (good manufacturing practice) facilities in accordance with essential guidelines.


Important information:

TTM products are not medicines and therefore do not replace a doctor or therapist, but are nutritional supplements that are used to support and help with a variety of illnesses.
Do not exceed the stated consumption quantity.
Keep out of the reach of small children!


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