Protofield: Bioresonance and geomagnetic field technology

  • Optimised frequency shape
  • Adjustable intensity
  • Adjustable languages for: DE, E, F, SP, NL
  • Simple display control
  • Battery operation possible
  • Stylish case for storing the Protofield
  • Informative operating instructions




Your personal cure against technical radiation


The Protofield is a device from BIREGS that generates an ultra-weak, oscillating magnetic field that mimics the spectral components of the earth’s natural magnetic field. This technology is based on the principle of magnetic field therapy and aims to support health in a gentle way. The innovative wellness device supports you in your efforts to achieve and, above all, maintain this harmony. Here are some of the specific functions and benefits offered by the Protofield:


  • Supporting the body’s self-healing powers: by simulating the earth’s natural magnetic field, the Protofield can help to activate the body’s own self-healing powers. This can be particularly useful when recovering from injury or illness.


  • Promoting cognitive abilities: The device offers special programs to support memory, concentration and receptivity. These can particularly help people who want to improve their mental performance in professional or academic fields.


  • Help with sleep disorders: By generating a calming magnetic field, the Protofield can help improve sleep quality. It is helpful for people who suffer from sleep disorders and are looking for natural solutions.


  • Reducing the effects of electromagnetic radiation: The Protofield aims to regulate the harmful effects of artificial electromagnetic fields (ELF radiation), such as those generated by cell phone towers and other technological devices. This can be particularly important in today’s technology-dominated world.


  • Improved wellbeing: Users of the Protofield report a more energized and balanced home environment. The device is said to have an invigorating effect after four to six hours of use, improving overall wellbeing.


  • Adjustable intensity: The intensity of the magnetic field can be individually adjusted to best suit the user’s needs and preferences.


  • Compact and mobile design: With an effective range of around three meters and powered by batteries, the Protofield is a portable device that can be used flexibly in different environments.


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